Around you, I start living.

It’s been 2 years now. Since you painted me in colours, analogically. Exactly, we both painted each other. Yeah, that’s how you said, 2 years ago. When I tell you about the feeling that made you tell yours to me too.

“You painted me in colours. So, when they look at me, they see colours in me.” I said.

“No, we both definitely painted each other, since we were just black and white.” You said.

We both were only black and white back then. Busy painting ourself with our own brush. Then, fortunately we met. He fills colors in me, I fill colors in him. We painted each other, achieving dreams together.

It’s been 2 years now, huh? Time flies really fast. So, how are you? I hope you’re doing okay. I try my best to write this letter even though all of my words aren’t enough to explain the gratitude I feel for you. It seems unreal and bizarre till right now how I’m destined to fall for you.

I found you right before I hit rock bottom, when I ran out of color. I remember finding your bright eyes, glowed like a part of the moon. I admired how hard you worked for your dreams, which made me work harder for my college, to achieve my dreams. I always respect you for all of the things you do, your little acts, your attitude, how your mind works. Oh, and I loved how you enjoyed every little things in life. The little things that would be in the shadows and often overlooked always seem so important to you, that made me enjoy the little things in my own life. The little details in my life, the gradation in it.

You know? You have a heart like a wildflower. You always be the reason why I keep pushing myself to be the best version of me.

“I think that’s sweet. We loving each other in the simplest way, even when we are just black and white.”

You smiled at me as a response, looked at me with your warmest smile I’ve ever seen.

Then you said, “When people already see the colors in me, they will see how gleaming it is as you painted me,” you paused your words just to see me closer.

I smiled, I have mixed feelings about this. God, you are so cheesy for real, but you were saying the truth, you were telling your deepest feelings. I want it too, but I don’t know how to say it properly in front of you.

I just want you to internalize the fact that you’ve helped me all the time. I would never be that strong when I reached my rock bottom if I’ve never found you. You saved my life numerous times. So, I know there will be many more times I’ll fall into a void, but I also know you’ll be at the very bottom to catch me. And in the middle of chaos, there was you who gave me strength.

You’re the best surprise of my life. And around you, I start living.

I hope the universe gives you everything you deserve, even you deserve the universe itself. I wish you for a long-living smile, happiness, and joyful life. And the most important is I’m so grateful to have you as mine.

Then, you pull yourself closer to me, your eyes looking straight into mine.

“And you know the best part is? When we are together we are in the screaming colors.”

We smiled at each other, looking at the world that was suddenly just black and white.

I love you in a way that I don’t think I will ever be able to love someone else the same way. I could love you forever, if there’s no forever at least it’ll be a long time.

I love you, I’m genuinely loving you.



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